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Home Energy Solutions

We are the #1 home performance company in Northern California!


Power Home Performance combines solar energy expertise with a local presence. Our solar experts advise individuals, companies, and nonprofits located across the country.


Solar power gives you energy independence, and helps you dump your electric bill in the process. Our products help customers realize the potential of solar energy.

Industry Leader

Power Home Performance is a leading solar energy provider, offering solar panel installation, solar water heaters and energy efficiency packages for home and business owners alike.

In the present day, climate change catastrophe is happening universally. It poses many threats to our ecosystem and biodiversity, both humans and animals alike. As a way of mitigating the effects caused by climate change, scientists have come up with pragmatic options that people can quickly adopt. One of the many options for climate action is shifting from fossil fuel usage to the use of renewable energy. Using solar energy is an excellent way of being part of the ultimate goals’ realization. The maximization of the use of clean and renewable energy reduces these effects significantly. Making our societies sustainable is, therefore, very attainable while improving our environment and the ecosystem at large. Being part of this change leaves you with a sense of fulfillment and self-gratification. In the end, when we all embrace it, the universe will be more habitable and well adaptive to all inhabitants.

Besides the environmental benefits of using solar energy, there are immense advantages that will contribute to daily operations. When you embrace the usage of solar energy, your overall energy and electricity cost substantially reduce. Additionally, the system requires minimal maintenance while having versatile and multiple applications. Advancements in technology have also largely contributed to the efficacy of solar panels with the application of quantum theory. The good news is that solar energy is applicable anywhere, be it rural or urban areas. As a property owner, you definitely will not want to be left out. The whole experience with solar energy will leave you, and the users of your property very contended. For those reasons and many more, we gladly offer our solar panel installation. How better can you take part in climate action than shifting to solar energy?

Solar Panel Installation Services Colusa CAPower Home Performance is an outstanding company that revels in topflight quality solar power generation for all our clientele. We have a skilled team of technicians who will adequately respond to all your solar service needs. Our team includes site managers, engineers, environmentalists, and field technicians, all dedicated to making your solar energy system efficient and valuable. Our team’s level of proficiency is a guaranteed. Our experience in the solar industry has seen us partner with numerous property owners, both business and residential owners. Having benefited from our solar services, our clients also marvel at the quality and level of gratification. We take pride in our customer relations and the already-built relationships with our existing clientele. Even so, it is always a pleasure serving and working with new clients as well.

In addition to embracing an environmentally friendly approach to energy provision, customer satisfaction is of great importance to us. When you are happy as our client, so are we, as we feel we are doing our part for Mother Earth. Switching to solar will leave your property eco-friendly and energy-efficient.


At Power Home Performance Company, we delight in the quality of our technicians’ workmanship and the ultimate output. We have immense experience of working with different property owners; hence, we have fully developed and widened our expertise. Here at Power Home performance, we are your solar panel installation specialists.

Solar Panel Installation Services

Solar System Maintenance Colusa CADeciding on the best solar panels to install in your property is very crucial. Furthermore, it may be a tedious task and a bit challenging for any property owner. Even so, with a proper installation of a quality system, you will experience minimal repair or replacement services. Power Home Performance team is right here to help you achieve precisely that. Our solar installation contractors will offer you a comprehensive overview of the various types of installation options available. We use very quality materials in all our installation services. They include solar panels, power inverters, storage and all the equipment required for a complete solar installation.

Ordinarily, solar panels usually differ in terms of the current and sizes. Nonetheless, their practicability remains similar, tapping and converting solar energy. Additionally, we do the installation for solar power backup in cases where one would opt to use it during power outages. It ensures a constant provision of power throughout your property. Some of the equipment we use during our installations include solar panels, solar inverters, solar pumps, solar power stations, and many more.

Solar Repair Services

Solar Repair Services Colusa CABeing a property owner, perhaps, you already have your solar panels installed. However, with time, because of various factors, the system faces challenges that may need repair services. Fixing the drawbacks as soon as you can save you potential losses related to the system’s dysfunctionality. Calling professionals to do the job for you is highly advised. It is because they are proficient in this field and will carry out the repair services in a timely and gratifying manner.

Solar System Maintenance

For proper functionality with reduced solar service challenges, periodic system maintenance goes a long way. Carrying out an extensive inspection and assessment of your system should be performed on and an annual basis. During the process, a comprehensive solar maintenance checklist will ensure that all aspect will be covered. A full diagnostic process will eventually yield a report with the best solution in case of a potential drawback. An efficient solar energy system that is smoothly operational means high productivity in its output


Power Home Performance is the connoisseurs in sustainable energy provision with a proficient touch to all our solar installtion. We are detail-oriented! Rest assured that we will not miss any detail regarding solar. It is our duty as professionals to guide you through while helping you make the best decision for you. We hold a high regard and value of our reputation, the service we provide, and our upstanding customer service we deliver.

Guaranteed Safety

At Power Home Performance, the safety of your property and that of the users is our primary concern. During every single stage of the solar panel installation safety is always on our mind. We have the appropriate equipment and tools needed to carry out our solar service safely. Additionally, our team has the appropriate personal protective gear; thus, their safety is equally well-handled. Even still, our company insurance covers all our team’s liabilities during the solar service execution. You are thus confident of all safety and liabilities covered.

Prompt Service Turnaround

Timeliness in every project is paramount. Once you engage our team of experts for solar installation, we will ensure a safe and efficient timeframe for its completion. We will get your solar system up and functional within a short period. Saving your potential inconveniences from solar drawbacks gives us joy while ensuring a smooth running of all your property operations. Our technicians are the real deal on matters detail orientation and timeliness while delivering passable solar services. We will work within the stipulated time as per our agreement. On some occasions, we will even deliver before the deadline.

Flexible Budget and Affordable Quality Solar Services

Since we care about you, we save you both your money and time, as our services are very affordable. We will carry out your solar energy plan within the budget range as agreed per the contract. Furthermore, we offer all our solar installation with maximum quality and client contentment. All our technicians are proficient in different disciplines within the sustainable solar niche. We go far and beyond to ensure your solar system functions effectively.

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