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One of the most indispensable aspects of a building is the roof. A building can never be complete without a functional and quality roofing system. Besides the roof offering the ultimate protection against various environmental factors, it equally provides multiple functions. A properly installed roof will help improve the interior thermal comfort while reducing your energy requirements. Our roofing system areversatile, and environmentally friendly.Being a property owner, the type, quality, and durability of the roofing material you use for your building areessential. It is, therefore, imperative for you to pick the one that performs optimally and with exceeding convenience. Irrespective of whether you are looking to install solar panels or not, a sound roofing system is necessary. It will save you the cost of frequent repairs or replacement services while serving you for an extended period.

As years pass, post-installation of your roofing system, unavoidably, it may be exposed to abrasion. You may not be sure precisely what roofing services you may need. Moreover, no one is ever prepared for any roof emergencies. That is where hiring professional roofers will come in handy. As the experts, roofing experts will inform you of the right roofing service needed while executing the same efficiently. We will carry out a thorough diagnoses of your roof’s condition while offering elegant, suitable solutions. The expert services will leave your roof healthy and even improve its longevity. Even so, routinely inspecting your roof will help you detect early signs that need attention and save you potential future damages. Your property’s roof should be a haven and adequately protect the users from any potential structural and environmental harm.

At Power Home Performance, we believe in quality and excellent in delivery from all of our contractors for roofing installation. On most occasions, we often install solar panels on roofs. In other cases, we install solar panels on different locations apart from the building’s roof. Since the majority of solar installation is done on the roof, we have a team of exceedingly proficient roofing and solar experts. They have the expertise and are skilled on matters roofing; therefore, they will work the magic for you.Perhaps, you have a new building with the end goal of installing solar panels; we will correctly carry out both services. New roofs, re- roofs and even roof layovers can all benefit from solar panels.
We will carry out an extensive assessment of the roof before executing any solar installations as part of a roof overlay. It is to ensure that your roof is strong enough to hold the panels while minimizing potential roof failures. We use quality roof overlay materials for roof reinforcement during our solar panel installation services. Hence, you are sure of the minimal damages to your new roof. The materials range from metal, asphalt, clay, slate tile, and many more various materials.We will take you through our catalog while advising you and helping you pick the one that complements your property. Conclusively, the right roofing material for your property will be beneficial to you and all the users of your property.


Roof Maintenance Services Colusa CAProper roofing for your property has numerous advantages, and having it functioning is essential. Having a quality roof will mean optimal safety for both your users and the property as well. There will be fewer leaks, less mold growth, less structural challenges, and many more related roof-related drawbacks. Moreover, with appropriate roofing, there will be reduced energy loss while maximizing its efficiency. They will completely regulate the energy within your property, thus minimizing your energy-related bills. It is also a perfect return to your overall property investment as a good roof may potentially increase the value of your property significantly. Finding potential tenants may not be an issue once your roof, as well as your property’s general appearance, is excellent.

Getting roofing services from professionals has immense benefits from the quality and timely delivery to client satisfaction and many more. We will be delighted to receive your roofing services’ call to our customer care team. Our roofers are always available, and they will promptly heed to your call. Generally, our roofing services at Power Home Performance include:

  • New Roof Installation Services
  • Re-roofing Services 
  • Roof Layover Services

New Roof Installation Services

Roof Installation Services Colusa CAAs a property owner, having a new roof may mean a new warranty. An old roof’s warranty period may have already lapsed, but with a new roof, you’ll want a confident of a prolonged warranty. As time goes by, different manufacturing companies vary and extend their product warranties. Generally, it may be beneficial for you to understand the whole process involved in roof installation comprehensively. However, carrying out the service alone is not advisable. Instead, you are encouraged to engage professional roofers for all roofing services needed. A professional touch to your roofing services is a guarantee of quality and skilled installation of your roof. Power Home Performance’s team of proficient roofers are all certified; thus, you are confident of splendid expertise.
Our experience in the roofing industry is unmatched, and our service portfolio always speaks for itself. When we carry out new roof installation services for you, you will be confident of all your expectations met exceedingly. Furthermore, we will provide you with an elaborate cost estimate for all our new roof installation services. Our roofing materials and budget versatility enable you to choose quality materials within your financial expense range. Eventually, it will be a win-win situation for both your property and finances, as well as our reputable roofing services. Quality assurance from our services is guaranteed as all our roofing technicians are skilled and have the expertise needed. We also use very quality materials for all our services.  Our company is quite ingenious, and our expert roofers can carry out roof installation services using different locally available materials.
Most of the roofing shingles we use for installation include:

Asphalt roofing shingles: Asphalt is another excellent option when looking for an unmatched attractive roof, as they are less expensive and exceedingly reliable. These roofing shingles are mostly preferred by many property owners and have remained common over the years. Additionally, asphalt roofing is multifaceted and comes in various styles as well as colors. You have a great variety to choose from with this type of roofing material.

Solar Roofing Shingles: These are the very new and contemporary roofing shingles. The design of these shingles ultimately optimized for the generation of electricity. The solar roofing shingles will save you energy costs while maximizing renewable energy use. Nonetheless, these shingles are relatively expensive but give a great optical appearance to your property. Additionally, they may not be required for a full roof installation as they are installed besides your existing roofing. Usually, we install the solar roofing shingles on the southward side of your roof for optimal functionality.

Metal roofing shingles: In terms of a durable, stylish, lightweight, reusable, and dexterous roofing material, metal roofing is preferable. The installation process for metal shingles is quite less tedious. It has a wide variety, including copper, steel, and tin. Currently, the most readily available metal roofing in the market is galvanized steel. We ensure to safeguard the metal with either paint or ceramic for longevity. These roofing shingles can last for about sixty years and more depending on your preference.

Slate tile roofing shingles: For an incredibly durable, dense and relatively expensive roofing material type in the market, then slate tiles are a good catch. They are an excellent option and are made from broken stones that are nailed together. They can last up to one hundred and fifty years without replacement.

Clay tile roofing shingles: If you are looking for durability and minimal maintenance, clay tile material is a splendid option. It is because they have a charming and war appearances and can last up to ninety years with much-reduced maintenances needed. Even so, your roof will need a sound strength reinforcement before the installation of the clay tiles, as they are reasonably substantial.

Wood Roofing Shingles: Wood may be an excellent option for roofing when looking for a classy, natural, and slightly rustic look for your roof. They can be in either wood shakes form or just the wood shingle. They are made from hardwoods that are slit into tiny forms suitable for roofing. These roofing shingles can stay for at least forty years and more.

Our new roof installation service involves various steps for execution up until completion.

Step 1: Removal Of the Existing Roofing Shingles: To begin with, we will eliminate the entire roof before building a new roof. We do this after a complete evaluation of the existing roof. We will then remove the roof down to the sheath for a secondary roof underlayment inspection. The elimination of the old roof is carried out carefully to minimize potential future roofing collapse.  

Step 2: Extensive Roof Underlayment Material Assessment: We carry out a full assessment of the existing sheath as well as the entire roofing structural support. It includes the underlayment materials and roof structure while looking for areas that may need ultimate restoration or complete replacement. We are always sure to completely fix all drawbacks on the old roofing underlayment before we install the new roof.

Step 3: Moisture Barrier and Drip Edge Installation: In the process of revamping the existing sheath, we will be sure to create an efficient moisture barrier. It helps reduce the chances that your roof will get in direct contact with any form of moisture. Ultimately, we will roll it out correctly round the borders of the roof down to the roof edge. We then nail the material down to reinforce and make it stable. A drip edge is then installed while preventing moisture from flowing into the structure.

Step 4: New Roof Installation: We correctly install the roofing material while ensuring an appropriate thickness. For a durable, sustainable, and convenient option, we always advise our clients to invest in quality synthetic materials.Client satisfaction is our ultimate aim; thus, a guarantee for exceptional quality from all our new roof installation services.

New roof installation for your property will give it a great look and improve its functionality and value. Therefore, professionals should carry out the service, and the option of carrying it out yourself is highly discouraged. It is entirely to ensure your safety and potential liability concerns met. It will equally save you the extra costs that you might incur to buy expensive equipment as well as personal protective gear.

Re-Roofing and Roof Layover Services

Roof Repair Colusa CAOrdinarily, any roof will wear out with time after installation. However, the roofing system, including the underlayment material, may still be structurally sound. In that case, a tear-off or complete removal may not be the best option, but a re-roof service may be preferable. Besides, your property may be operating smoothly, but with a visually unpleasant roof, its value may potentially decrease significantly. If you are looking to lease out or sell your property, it may be an excellent time to carry out a roof layover to improve its appearance and functionality. Moreover, precisely calling out for our re-roofing and roof layover services will be a great decision.
Our expert roofers will carry out the roof layover and re-roofing services by overlaying new roofing shingles on your existing roof. We will do this while making your roof new with a luxuriant appearance. Primarily, we will give contemporary life to your property’s roofing system at extremely affordable rates. We revel in our prompt turnaround, timely delivery, as well as quality work. We are always sure to give you a meticulous value for your money. Our re-roofing contractors will provide you with exceedingly high quality and gratifying project completion. Once the roof layover service is complete, we will therefore go ahead and install our solar panels if need be. Eventually, we will render your property optically pleasing and lively once more.