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We are the #1 home performance company in Northern California!


Power Home Performance combines solar energy expertise with a local presence. Our solar experts advise individuals, companies, and nonprofits located across the country.


Solar power gives you energy independence, and helps you dump your electric bill in the process. Our products help customers realize the potential of solar energy.

Industry Leader

Power Home Performance is a leading solar energy provider, offering solar panel installation, solar water heaters and energy efficiency packages for home and business owners alike.

HVAC is one of the systems considered to take up immense amounts of energy. Every month, as a property owner, you may part with a lot of money trying to clear HVAC related bills. Nonetheless, with the help of HVAC professionals, you can be sure of the quality energy-saving HVAC system installation, which will save you a great deal. Technology is always advancing, this includes the HVAC industry. Additionally, they have equally become quite affordable, therefore, attracting multiple clients, while minimizing the energy cost. Manufacturers, on the other hand, have made their HVAC systems user-friendly, thus allowing ease of use for all persons. In present times, the HVAC system industry has been developing at a rapid rate. All these advancements are made towards reduced energy consumption while maximizing the systems’ efficacy and quality. In the end, both you and your property users financially benefit significantly.

Furthermore, the accessibility to HVAC services has been made easy in rural, peri-urban, and urban areas. Almost all property owners have access to quality HVAC systems, as they are affordable. Advantageously, installing them is easy and possible in every single part of your property, be it outdoors or indoors. Keeping your property warm during cold seasons is imperative, so is cooling your home in hot seasons. As time goes by, new beneficial discoveries are made that can help you save so much on your monthly HVAC costs. It is thus essential for both professionals and property owners to stay updated on the ever-developing trends within the industry. Advancements like the HVAC grid system or central energy storage will primarily improve your property’s HVAC system. Ultimately, with the use of quality HVAC systems, the realization of minimal energy usage is maximumly attainable.

By and large, every property needs an exceptional HVAC system for a comfortable running of daily functioning. However, hiring the appropriate HVAC professionals to carry out the services for you is exceedingly imperative. At Power Home Performance, our technicians are competent and upskilled to handle any HVAC concerns within your property. Our services is HVAC installation. Our team’s expertise is exceptional, and you can feel confident of valuable outputs from our HVAC installation service. Moreover, the Power Home Performance’s customer care is a top priority. We carry out our HVAC indstallation services for both businesses as well as residential property owners.  Our HVAC Contractors are more than ready to answer all your HVAC service calls.


HVAC install Services Colusa CAPower Home Performance team of professionals are steadfast in delivering excellent HVAC installation to all our customers. As our client, you are assured of quality and exceeding contentment. We deliver our service to both residential and commercial property owners. We have the experience and professionalism to meet all your expectations. Our outstanding team has talented and well-versed HVAC technicians. Additionally, we are very passionate, friendly.  Our team of experts will help you establish a sound HVAC system customized to your class and style. The options are flexible based on your budget and needs, as our service is affordable. Pertinent HVAC service will always guarantee a smooth and efficient running of your property’s usual operations. As a result, for commercial property owners, potential clients will most likely be streaming in throughout the year.
Moreover, we will be sure to handle all possible HVAC related drawbacks that may arise promptly. We do this to help prevent the challenges from worsening with time. With proper a installation service, you will ultimately save the frequent HVAC maintenance money as a property owner. Always count on us to give your property the best HVAC service. Not only will we help you save on the cost but also the amount of energy usage. We look to engage our clientele extensively with up to date technology.
Currently, there exist exclusive technologies for HVAC systems that have been improved for significant operations. At Power Home Performance, we have licensed HVAC contractors who are proficient in the proper HVAC intstallation service. They will effectively get the job done right and within a short time. Similarly, our services are different, and any project execution will depend on your property’s needs. We are vastly accustomed to all HVAC installation. Therefore, you are assured of top-notch quality service provision. Our services are individually bespoke, and we will make them to your satisfaction. You can thereby be confident that we have your best concern at heart. Our HVAC service includes:

  • HVAC Installation Services
  • HVAC Replacement Services
  • Commercial And Residential HVAC System Service


HVAC installation Services Colusa CAThe right HVAC contractors can significantly contribute to the success of the whole HVAC system within your property. As a property owner, it is critical to choose an appropriate HVAC system to be installed. It may depend on its performance, the durability as well as general convenience and service to you. Hiring our professional and licensed HVAC contractors are, therefore, imperative.

At Power Home Performance, our HVAC contractors are proficient and exceedingly reliable. We will deliver quality installation with a quick turnaround meeting all your HVAC system installation needs. Offering you a world-class equipped and luxuriant design finishing while meeting all expectations is our ultimate goal. Rest assured of the best HVAC installation services when you engage our experts.

During our HVAC system installation, depending on the exact system and service, we will carry out a comprehensive property assessment. We do this to be sure of the condition of the existing system if the old system requires removal. We also evaluate to check the attachment points that need enhancement for cases of first-time installations. Moreover, the assessment is carried out to come up with the best possible design for the intended HVAC installation service.

The design, in most cases, will be inclusive of the proposed materials as well as their measurements. Once in agreement with our proposed design, we will provide you with the bill of quantity having precise item costs. When all items are ready, we will go ahead and do the installation for you, with prompt service delivery.


HVAC maintenance Services Colusa CAAs time goes by, your installed HVAC system may experience various drawbacks. Similarly, you may be looking to upgrade your HVAC system to the latest models. Our team of experts is always ready to carry out all the necessary HVAC replacement. A good HVAC revamp will be great to ensure all your operations running and back to normal. Our HVAC contractors are always available. We are committed to offering high standard and quality repair for your HVAC system over and beyond your predictions.

Furthermore, we have undoubted and complete confidence in our team of adepts.  We also relish the quality of the products that we use for all our HVAC services. Moreover, we use very quality and durable HVAC materials. Our team of experts will advise you accordingly, depending on your budget and the available suitable materials for your HVAC requirements. Eventually, we carry out the HVAC replacement services at very affordable costs. Customer contentedness is our main target and rests assured of precisely that or even more.


As a homeowner or a commercial property owner, having an operational HVAC system is essential. Usually, property owners may carry out light HVAC services. On the other hand, for tedious and more extensive HVAC services, reaching out to professionals is indispensable. When looking to engage our HVAC system contractors, here are the fantastic reasons you chose the best:

  1. We offer a wide range of HVAC Services: When you make a call to our HVAC Company or during their visit after your call, we will provide you with our services catalog. From there, you will be able to choose the specific one that suits your needs. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to our HVAC services.
  2. We are licensed: Hiring an HVAC contractor with a proper practicing license is essential for you as a property owner. Our practicing license is a sufficient validation for all our HVAC service genuineness. As a result, you are sure of all our services carried out with proper observance of both local and international HVAC regulations. Our contractor will provide you with our license number for validation when needed.
  3. We are insured: Similarly, safety is of the essence in all our HVAC services. Our insurance covers the compensation of our employees and overall potential liabilities. Hence, you get minimal chances of being liable in cases of either an injury or property damage.
  4. Our budget is versatile: Upon deciding on the specific HVAC service you need, we will provide you with a documented cost estimates. We usually avoid verbal cost estimates, and our contractor will back that up with a documented estimate before signing any contract. Review the contract and only sign when you are very comfortable.


Are you looking to install energy-saving HVAC systems for your property? Reach out to us today for quality and affordable services.