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We are the #1 home performance company in Northern California!


Power Home Performance combines solar energy expertise with a local presence. Our solar experts advise individuals, companies, and nonprofits located across the country.


Solar power gives you energy independence, and helps you dump your electric bill in the process. Our products help customers realize the potential of solar energy.

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Power Home Performance is a leading solar energy provider, offering solar panel installation, solar water heaters and energy efficiency packages for home and business owners alike.

Energy efficient windows offer you the best energy-saving options that are reliable and sustainable through all-weather seasons. These windows act as great insulators against external outdoor weather changes. They will create significant cold barriers for your property to remain warmer during the cold seasons. Similarly, they will prevent excessive heating in during warmer weather seasons. You may rarely need to use your air conditioners once you install and have energy efficient windows installed. Furthermore, your property will be rendered eco-friendly, as you will have shifted to an environmentally friendly energy option. Being a property owner, the more costs you save up, the better. Your finances will benefit a great deal! It is because you will have fewer energy bills to clear per month. Additionally, you may also be eligible for a tax credit for having installed energy efficient windows. The advantages are endless.

Safety is always essential when it comes to any window services offered. In terms of protection from UV rays, the energy efficient windows we offer are entirely reliable. They have a unique coating that will completely block out harmful rays. Your property’s indoor materials, as well as the users, will be adequately protected. It means less deterioration in the value of your seats, carpets, etc. Additionally, energy efficient windows have soundproof features. They will efficiently seal the unwanted outdoor noise to a considerable extent. It is even better in estates where houses are built in proximity to each other. Noise will be contained internally and externally sealed with the installation of the appropriate energy efficient windows. As these windows promote the effective transfer of energy, there will be minimal chances of condensation build-up. There will, therefore, be less mold growth while reducing different allergy attacks.

At Power Home Performance, we carry out both window installation and window replacement services for both your home and workplace. Our technicians have the appropriate expertise needed for all these services. Therefore, you are assured timely, quality, and gratifying services from our team of experts. Our services are exceedingly affordable, depending on the precise material you may want to be installed. The installation will come in handy as you look to shift to renewable energy. Our windows will save you both the energy as well the ultimate cost once installed in your property. Besides, the overall maintenance services needed for these windows are exceedingly minimal. Once you get them for your property, you can bid all frequent drawbacks farewell. However, you carry out a periodic checkup on your window just to make sure that they are optimally functioning.

In modern times, energy has become exceedingly costly, and everyone is looking to save money for other essential needs. Installing energy efficient windows is one of the surest ways of achieving this while still reducing the potential environmental pollution. Engaging our professionals will help your property a great deal. We are a reliable company, and our previous clients can completely attest.  We are both licensed and insures while having skilled employees to deliver our services to you. Moreover, we have significant experience in providing sustainable clean energy to all our clients, homeowner, and business alike. Over the years, we have always upgraded our services continuously on an as needed basis. We do this to ensure that we give you the best while keeping up with the ever-advancing technology.


Our windows are of high quality to ensure increased efficiency, resale value, and cost friendliness for you. As they insulate against heat and cold, it makes them favorable for all seasons of weather. Whichever your region of stay, energy-efficient windows will be suited to work for you. We use high-quality glass which are double-glazed to make the energy-efficient windows. Mostly two to three glasses are sealed in a unit surrounded by good material like UPVCs (Unplasticized polyvinyl chlorides) or good wood. We mostly use UPVC for the conservation of energy both for residential windows and for commercial window installation. The glazed glasses have spaces in between filled with inert gases. Placing an inert gas in between the glass plates is a sure way of preventing heat loss. Inert gases that we mostly use include argon and xenon.

There is also the option of triple glazed energy efficient glasses, depending on customer preference. They also conserve energy and control the amount of heat and light going in and out. However, most of our customers have mostly preferred double glazed energy efficient windows for their homes or workplaces. The design is not only efficient but also beautiful enough to suit your home. We place pane spacers between the windows. Additionally, we will use various designs depending on what you like. Generally, the sash window design has been preferred for energy-efficient windows by most of our customers. It is durable, appealing, and makes the home environment look visually appealing. Even so, we will create and render any other designs for you, depending on your choices and preferences.

Our windows have a good energy rating, that of low U value. Regularly, we always test them before carrying out any windows installation or replacement within your property. U value is a measure of how heat flows. Eventually, it will show their rate of energy-efficiency. They are durable enough and will last in your building for many years without any cracks. As a benefit, these windows are easy to clean and will not stress you during the misty seasons. They are also strong to withstand harsher conditions like drought and intense thunderstorms. Their resistance to breakage is active even during the constant earth tremors or extreme pressure in any region. Our energy-efficient windows are made of safe material. They are thus environmentally friendly, and you do not have to worry about the users of your property.

Eco-friendly is the new normal for most daily materials use in the world today. It is because of the immense effects that climate change is already posing on us. When you hire us, we will take our time to get the right measurements when designing energy-efficient windows for you. We do this to ensure a proper fit while enhancing and optimizing their performance. Our work is supervised at each stage, and you have an opportunity to see what we are doing to ensure you get only the best.

Our services include:

  • Energy efficient windows Installation Services
  • Residential and Business Window Services
  • Energy efficient windows Replacement

Residential Energy Efficient Windows Installation

Energy Efficient Windows Design Colusa CAWe bring energy-efficient windows right to your doorstep when you hire us. Our work will be worth the amount you spend on it. These windows are good for both a new homes and already existing residential homes. It is estimated that gaining or loss of heat through windows in our homes is responsible for 25-30% of energy use. Artificial energy is at many times used to compensate for this, especially during cold weather, which is quite expensive. Energy-efficient windows will save you this cost and much more by providing a long-lasting solution. Energy-efficient windows option is also much safer than the artificial methods of providing heat to our homes. We will, therefore, select windows with both low U factors and solar heat gaining energy coefficients for your property.

On contacting us, we will come and thoroughly assess your home area as we plan and discuss the best installation. We have a warranty for our services in case you have an issue within the first year of energy-efficient windows installment. The installment we make will vary depending on your window and the construction of your house. It will also depend on the existing exterior furnishing and the type of weather restrictive barrier if there is any. We will take the shortest time possible to carry out the residential energy efficient window installation. Thus, we will ensure your windows are top-notch and correctly done. We ensure minimal waste of resources when making these windows while saving on cost. All our products are quality and so durably certified for use within your residential property.

Commercial Energy Efficient Windows Installation

Energy Efficient Windows Installation Colusa CAEnergy-efficient windows will also come in handy for your commercial property. Usually, most commercial buildings, primarily in industrial businesses, use an enormous amount of energy for daily operations. The windows will effectively help in conservation for a good amount of energy. We carry out commercial energy efficient windows installation at fair costs. Their increased insulation reduces your energy usage at the workplace. Our services include both double and triple-paned windows, optimally functional frames, windowpane spacers, and many more commercial window furnishings needs. Moreover, our installed windows look exceedingly beautiful, and they will potentially increase your property’s value.

We look forward to long-term engagements with all our clientele, as our contracts are exceedingly flexible. We also sell to our energy-efficient windows to wholesalers. The contract we make for this purpose is one of the best since we will be your reliable supplier for decades. We will precisely provide what you require from us, and the supply will be constant, depending on the discussed durations. The commercial energy efficient windows will give you superior performance for years. You will not have to worry about anything during the extreme weather days. Besides, your workplace will be offsetting your carbon footprint, meaning it will be environmentally friendly, which is a requirement for all business settings these days. Your company will ultimately be an eco-friendly zone. Is this not the loveliest idea?

Energy Efficient Windows Replacement

Energy Efficient Windows Replacement Colusa CAThe moment your window’s structural composition begins to deteriorate, it automatically means a reduction in its efficiency. The ultimate functionality of your windows may significantly reduce, inclusive of its overall appearance. Additionally, your existing windows may be leaking and not saving any form of energy. In the end, your entire property’s value will start depreciating slowly with time. It should not raise the alarm as our window replacement experts are always available and just a call away. We will upgrade your existing windows from single pane to double-pane energy efficient windows for optimal functionality. On other occasions, your windows may be the standard property-installed windows and not energy efficient. As a result, you may want to replace them with quality and energy efficient windows. To enjoy the advantages of having your windows energy efficient, hiring our professionals for window replacement services is essential.

Our expertise in the window service is unparalleled, and you are confident of exceeding quality and proficiency. Our services will effortlessly speak for themselves. During our energy-efficient windows replacement activities, we always check for leaks, cracks, shading, and any other efficiency deterioration factors. These factors may be promoting heat loss from your already existing window. Additionally, your windows may have overstayed their longevity period and eventually worn out. Our skilled technicians will thoroughly assess the situation and advice you on the best possible approach. We revel in building and establishing healthy business relations with all our customers. The good news is that, for our subsequent clientele, we usually offer significant discounts for all window replacement services. Conclusively, we offer the ultimate and pocket-friendly deals when it comes to getting energy-efficient windows for your property.

Ordinarily, the replacement of energy-efficient windows is usually less expensive compared to complete window installation. It cuts across both the home and the commercial properties. Even so, the entire process will be guided by your preferences and the existing situation. Moreover, we also use any materials you may have to ensure you do not shoulder the burden of enormous costs. Therefore, it works well for people who have their glass, gas, UPV, or wood. However, we will only use these materials upon confirmation of their quality and general soundness before we use them. Even so, we have a separate energy-efficient windows replacement portfolio. The portfolio has samples of images of energy-efficient windows we have replaced, and our services rendered them a contemporary look. The upgrade is perfect, and without a doubt, you will love it!

Reach out to us today for all energy efficient window services, and rest assured of all your expectations met satisfactorily.